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Surf Renaissance Series | Oct 2022

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Enniscrone Point | 2nd October 2022

Enniscrone Point

Below is a photo of a smaller set. I didn't have the patience to wait for the proper sets. Unidentified surfer in the photo.

Enniscrone Point

Enniscrone point can be a long worldclass right hander on it's day.

Looking forward to the next outing. Winter is coming...

Enniscrone Point | 16th October 2022

It is quite rare to get 2 surfs back to back in Enniscrone point. Neither
day was something special but fun all the same.

The waves were 3ft when I arrived and climbed to about 4ft an hour
into the surf.

It was fun, caught a bunch of waves, only about 4 people out.

Below are some photos I shot before heading out. Nothing special.
Unidentified surfers.

Enniscrone Point
Enniscrone Point
Enniscrone Point